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Apple Valley Creamery Butter
Made on premises from AVC's very own cream! 
Lightly salted with no artificial coloring or preservatives, each tub weighs one pound.

Kriemhild Dairy Farms (pronounced CREAM-hild)
A small, farmer-owned, agribusiness specializing in high quality full-fat, and cultured dairy foods with milk sourced from grass-based herds in Central New York. Our premier product is made by slowly churning fresh sweet cream into an 85% butterfat, resulting in a creamy, flavorful butter. 

Product Image Quantity Item Description Frequency Unit Price Extended Price

1lb AVC Butter

$8.49 $ 0.00

1lb Kriemhild CULTURED Butter  Salted

$12.49 $ 0.00

1lb Kriemhild CULTURED Butter Unsalted

$12.49 $ 0.00