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This cheese is made by Caputo Brothers Creamery located in Spring Grove, PA The owners, Dave and Rynn Caputo, studied in Italy to master the art of making authentic, Italian cheeses. Their cultured cheese curd, cagliata, can be stretched into mozzarella, scamorza, or aged into provola. If you don't wish to stretch it, you can also thaw and place it directly onto your homemade pizza! Their cheese is made with cultures that are allowed to eat the lactose and naturally acidify the milk. Most mozzarella in this country is made without any cultures and achieves instant acidification because citric acid or vinegar has been added to the milk. This acidification process is much quicker, but makes a "cheese" that lacks authenticity, flavor, and is harder to dige

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CapoMozz (1 Lb)
CapoMozz allows you to enjoy fresh. high-quality mozzarella-style cheeses with no fuss. CapoMozz’s curds are vacuum sealed in a pouch and need only to be quickly dropped in hot water. After a few minutes, the end result is warm, fresh mozzarella that has a rich, creamy taste unlike any other mozzarella sold in stores. The curds are formed and cut by hand. No salt is added. This leaves a curd that the consumer can use in a variety of ways.

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Fresh Ricotta (1-1.5lb Basket)
This is NO supermarket ricotta. Authentic cheese-making and re-cooking (ricotta) creates this soft custard-like cheese. Perfect for sweet & savory applications like in a cannoli, cheesecake. baked in lasagna. Some parts of Italy use it as cream in their coffee. Drizzle a scoop with honey for a treat or just on its own for a protein snack.
95% pasteurized whey, 5% pasteurized whole milk, salt & apple cider vinegar

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A young, scamorza-style cheese, with about 2 weeks of aging.  Their cagliata curd is hand-stretched by their cheesemakers, then brined and hung in their aging cave.  The aging process removes excess moisture, resulting in a smooth, firm consistency and a sharp, tangy flavor.
Best if eaten sliced or perfect for melting on a sandwich!
Ingredients: Apple Valley Creamery Pasteurized Cow’s Milk, Cultures, Enzymes, and Salt.

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