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Pastured Beef

Apple Valley Creamery is pleased to be able to offer a choice selection of beef for you to choose from. Apple Valley Creamery's operation is primarily focused on milk production. However, they do have animals that are raised for beef purposes. They hand select each animal they send to the butcher and decide whether it is best suited for lean ground beef production or for making into more choice cuts.
All of the cattle are butchered under Animal Welfare Approved and USDA inspection standards at a local, family-owned butcher shop. The beef is dry aged, (natural aging without the use of chemicals), for approximately two weeks before being packaged. The beef is shipped frozen for your convenience.

~ Pastured
~ Animal Welfare Approved
~ No use of artificial growth hormones of any type fed or injected into the animals.
~ Butchered locally to reduce transportation stress on the animals.
~ Dry Aged Beef

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Round Roast 
This is a lean roast that does best when first braised and then cooked on a low heat for a long period of time and slicing thin.

$9.99 $ 0.00

Shoulder Roast 
This Chuck Roast is great for braising and filled with flavor.

$8.99 $ 0.00

90% Lean Ground Beef (1lb)
From cattle at Apple Valley Creamery.
Customers say it is the best they have ever had!

$6.99 $ 0.00

Beef Cubes (1lb)
These are great for stews, chili, goulash, bites and so much more.

$11.19 $ 0.00

Beef Liver

$5.99 $ 0.00

Beef Shank
This richly flavored cut is from the shin and tends to be tough and dry so it is best when cooked for a long time in moist heat. Perfect for braising and soups.

$6.60 $ 0.00

Beef Tongue

$7.35 $ 0.00

Delmonico Steak
A premium cut from the short loin this boneless steak is cut from the rib. 

$20.99 $ 0.00

Eye Roast
This cut is a boneless lean roast less tender than the steaks so best suited for a pt roast or even a corned beef.

Approximate Weight: 2 - 3 pounds

$17.99 $ 0.00

Ground Beef Patties (20 Count)
Made from Apple Valley Vremery's lean ground beef. Each box contains 20 patties.
Approximate weight is about 5lbs.   

$35.99 $ 0.00

NY Strip Steak
Cut from the strip loin part of the sirloin, the strip steak is particularly tender.

$22.79 $ 0.00

Sirloin Steak (1lb)
This relatively lean and tender cut of steak is great for the stove top or grill.

$15.95 $ 0.00

Soup Bones

Packaged 4-6lbs

$4.49 $ 0.00

Sweet Beef Bologna (1-1.5lbs)

$9.99 $ 0.00

Sweet Beef Snack Sticks 
These beef snack sticks are the same as our very popular sweet bologna. They make a great snack for on the go or packed in a lunch. Each package contains approximately 5 sticks and will be delivered frozen.

Ingredients: Apple Valley Creamery Lean Ground Beef, Brown Sugar, Salt, Pepper, and Sodium Nitrate.

Approximate Weight: 1 pound

$9.99 $ 0.00

T-bone Steak - 2 Steaks per Package
This cut of meat combines the meaty flavor of a New York Strip Steak on one side with the signature tenderness of the filet mignon on the other.

$20.99 $ 0.00